25 appetizers, crackers and dips ideas for your next party

I have received quite a few questions and requests for dips and crackers ideas so I thought it might be a good idea to group my favorite  appetizers, dips and crackers in a single post. I do hope that you’ll enjoy trying some of these and if you do, please take a picture and tag me on social media, I love seeing your wonderful creations.


Top 25 easy middle eastern party appetizers.jpg




Flavored labneh balls a great party appetizer or homemade gift idea.jpg


Labneh with toppings.jpg

labneh dip chef in disguise


alippo muhammara

Fool mudamas

Foul for a middle eastern breakfast

The perfect homemade humus


Olive tapenade


Mint and zucchini dip

Cheesy corn dip

Hot corn dip

Gazan Dagga

Gazan dakka (dill and pepper tomato salsa)

Egyptian besara

Bessara- fava bean dip

Homemade nacho cheese dip

little hands
Try to keep little hands out till you take the picture

Fava bean dip (Mutabal fool akhdar)

Fava bean (broad bean) dip also called mutabal fool akhdar

Toum (middle eastern garlic dip)

Middle eastern garlic sauce. Garlic lover's heaven and it is vegan too!

2. Crackers

Cheese and zaatar crackers

Cheese and zaatar sticks

Seeds crackers

Diy raincoast crisps


Herb tomato and cheese crackers

Almond pulp crackers



Sweet sesame crackers

sesame crackers chef in disguise

Sundried tomato crackers

tomato herb garlic bread


Tomato mint italian bruschetta

Bagel bites

cinnamon sugar bagel bites

Pao de queijo

mini sandwiches with cheese bread




Spinach and feta mini rolls

Spinach rolls


Roasted chickpeas 


Stuffed dates (savory and sweet options)