30 Healthy breakfast ideas for a healthier you

I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions!
I know that sounds crazy especially at a time when the world is buzzing with new year’s lists, plans, goals and resolutions but just hear me out before you go back to pinterest to finish pinning your #goals for this year.
I think that waiting for Jan first to start losing weight or reading more or spending more time with your loved ones or to write that sorry message you have been thinking about forever or to make sometime for the hobby that you love or tell someone how much they mean to you is setting yourself up for failure even before you start.

Why, you may ask?

Well because somehow we’ve been tricked into thinking that you either do it on Jan first or you never will and that could not be further from the truth!
I am someone who believes that every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.
Do it now.jpg
It’s Jan 3rd now, does that mean that if you have not started or started and fumbled, you’d have to wait till Jan 2018 to try again?
That is simply crazy!
If your heart is yearning for something, do it now!
If there is something that has been bugging you, change it now!
If you’re reading this on Jan 3rd or in June or in October. Do it now!
Don’t fall into the trap that the media sets us up for:
You only express love on Valentine’s day
You only take time off to enjoy it with your family during the holidays
You only start eating healthier in January

If you miss any of those dates, you allow yourself to slack and let go, thinking you’ll change next year! Again, pure madness!

The other thing I really hate about new year’s resolutions is that they are usually too big, too vague and too unrealistic

I am going to lose 50 pounds in month

I am going to go to the gym every day and exercise for 2 hours

I am going to read a book every week for the whole year

I am going to call the people I love every single day

Again, setting yourself up to fail even before you start

I am a firm believer that if you want to succeed in doing anything

  1. Do it now

  2. Be specific

  3. Start small

Instead of I’m going to “eat healthier”, how about:
I am going to fill half my plate with fruits and veggies in at least 2 meals of the day
I am going to eat seafood at least once a week
I am going to replace white bread with whole wheat bread
Do it now
Be specific
Start small
and number 4 and perhaps the most important one on my list is

4.Be kind to yourself

I think the biggest mistake we all do is treating ourselves too harshly. If a friend or a colleague fails, we extend support and compassion but when we fail, we beat ourselves up and label ourselves with harsh and horrible words like failure, useless,loser. We are easily able to see the beauty in others, the strengths, the highs. Yet when we look inward we only see the faults, weaknesses and lows. It is this particular attitude that sets us up for failure when we set new year resolutions.

We either make it on January first and do it perfectly or we are, useless, failures and losers.

If you must set one goal this year, let it be to be kinder to yourself from now on

Get up 8.jpg

That being said, I have received so many requests for healthy breakfast options from my wonderful readers who set up goals to

Eat breakfast
Prepare their own meals instead of buying them to cut on the additives and preservatives
Eat healthier this year
I love receiving requests from you guys and I love obliging them butI postponed this post till Jan 3rd on purpose to send you the message I sent in the intro.
Eating healthy is a wonderful goal for the whole year, not just for Jan 1st .
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not just on Jan 1st.
Home cooked meals are far better than anything you can buy  all year round, not just in Jan.
So if you read this today on Jan 3rd and you have not started yet or have started and failed, that’s ok, you still have 363 days to try again.
To help you out, I am starting a new series #healthier_kinder_me that will be going on all year. To start things off, I have gathered  a month’s worth of breakfast ideas for you in one post. Many of those ideas can be made ahead of time because I believe that planning is half the way to success.
In that same spirit I  have also designed 3 free printables for you:

 In the upcoming posts I will be sharing some new ideas including a few of my favorite smoothies, more oat recipes, more lunchbox ideas and of course more middle eastern recipes.If you have any special requests please leave them in the comments or send me an email. Reading your comments and emails truly makes my day and if you make any of the ideas or try any of the recipes, please tag me on social media and use the tag #healthier_kinder_me . I will be checking the hashtag regularly to see your wonderful creations 

30 healthy breakfast ideas from chef in disguise.jpg

30 breakfast ideas for a healthier you

Just click the recipe name or picture to get the full recipe


1.Homemade chocolate granola

2. Copycat nature valley honey and oat bars

Honey and oat copycat nature valley bars

3. Apple cinnamon granola

The ultimate apple cinnamon granola

4. No bake oatmeal raisin energy bites


5. Mexican chocolate and spice baked oatmeal

Mexican chocolate baked oatmeal

6.Banana and honey baked oatmeal

oatmeal baked with banana

7.No bake oatmeal almond bars

Vegan raw date nut and oatmeal bars

8. Overnight oatmeal

Chef in disguise:apple refrigerator oatmeal in a jar
strawberry oatmeal in a jar @chef in disguise

Lunchbox ideas

9. Haloumi bagel sandwich lunchbox

Chef in disguise lunchbox project.jpg

10. Salad, cheese and crackers lunchbox


12. Deconstructed parfait


13. Quinoa salad with edamame

Healthy bento lunchbox.jpg

14. hummus sushi wraps

Middle eastern bento lunchbox.jpg

15. baked potatoes and corn

lunchbox 3.jpg

Middle eastern breakfast options

16.Middle eastern inspired wraps

middle eastern breakfast

17.Middle eastern breakfast staples

zaatar and dukka


Homemade hummus.jpg


Foul for a middle eastern breakfast

20.Toasted zaatar wraps

Breakfast platter with Zaatar toasted sandwiches.jpg


21.Baked eggs

baked eggs @ chef iin disguise

22.Poached eggs

Poached egg with english muffins

23.Spinach breakfast squares

Spinach breakfast squares

24.Pesto scrambled eggs with mushrooms and asparagus

Breakfast platter featuring scrambled eggs and herb and cheese bread 2.jpg


25.Dried fruits with hidden vegetables

Hidden veggies fruit muffins@chef in disguise

26.Vegan oatmeal muffins

vegan oatmeal muffins

27.Yeasted oregano and cheese muffins

herb and cheese muffins

28.Coconut quinoa pudding

Quinoa coconut pudding

29.Dutch wholewheat bread 

Dutch sweet bread

30.Chococado smoothie

بناء على طلب كتير من قرائي الاعزاء قررت ابدأ سلسله جديده على المدونه  فيها وصفات صحيه و اقتراحات للفطور و لسناكات صحيه و انواع من العصير و السموذي

لبوست اليوم قررت ابدا باني اعطيكم 30 اقتراح للفطوركلها اقتراحات صحيه و مغذيه . شهر كامل من الاقتراحات كثير منها يمكن تحضيرها مسبقا لتجعل صباحاتكم اسهل و امتع. كل اللي عليكم هو ان تضغطوا على الصوره او على اسم الوصفه لمشاهده الوصفه بالتفصيل

بالاضافه لاقتراحات اليوم  على الروابط في مخطط لوجبات الاسبوع بامكانكم طباعته و استخدامه لترتيب وجباتكم و مشترياتكم لانه التخطيط بيساعد جدا انه الانسان يلتزم بالاكل الصحي

اذا كانت لديكم اي طلبات او وصفات تحبون ان تروها قريبا على المدونه اكتبوها في التعليقات او ارسلوها لي كايميل