Triple p: perfect, personal porridge

Mexican chocolate baked oatmeal

Braided date bread

braided date bread

Cinnamon sourdough waffles

cinnamon sourdough waffles

Apple cinnamon granola #backtoschool

Apple cinnamon granola

Sourdough donuts

Sourdough donuts: Chef in disguise

Make-ahead oatmeal smoothie


cherry oatmeal smoothie

Sourdough crepes two ways

sourdough crepes two ways

Falafel recipe


Cheese and herbs turnovers (Daring cooks en croute May challenge)

cheese with parsely

Baked oatmeal (Secret recipe club)

baked oatmeal chef in disguise

Dried fruit muffins with hidden vegetables

Hidden vegetables dried fruit muffins

How to make mozzarella and armenian string cheese at home

string cheese

Vegan oatmeal, date and walnut muffins

vegan oatmeal muffins

Homemade cheese – Daring cooks March challenge

cheese collage

Yogurt cheese (labneh):

Easy homemade soft cheese جبنه طريه

easy soft cheese

Choco-cado smoothie “secret recipe club”

chocolate smoothie

Refrigerator oatmeal in a jar #Healthy breakfast idea 4

Chef in disguise:apple refrigerator oatmeal in a jar

Vegan pancakes (Secret recipe club)

Chef in disguise: Vegan pancakes

Spinach pastry triangle (Fatayer sabanekh )

fatayer sabanekh @chef in disguise

Baked eggs, healthy breakfast idea #3

baked eggs @ chef iin disguise

Healthy breakfast idea #1 carrot cake oatmeal

carrot cake oatmeal

Spinach breakfast squares, healthy breakfast idea #2

Spinach breakfast squares

Pumpkin frittata with feta cheese and basil

Back to school recipes

Cornmeal ricotta lemon waffles

Gluten free, grain free nutty chocolate granola


Granola yogurt parfait recipe

Homemade Granola

Homemade strawberry syrup and a strawberry round up

A wake up call “Alton Brown Whey Pancakes”


Lemony ricotta pancakes

Nutella and apple cinnamon crepe

Carrot cake pancakes

Peanut butter banana wraps


MOC omelette and traffic

Yeasted oregano cheese muffens

Scrambled eggs and turkey sandwiches

Smoked cheese arugula sandwich

Cheese cucumber sandwich

Grilled halloumi wraps

Breakfast anyone…herbed pepper mushroom omlette

Savory oregano cheese cake