Bread and pastry

Feteer meshaltet“Egyptian layered pastry”

Date bread rings

Date bread ring- Chef in disguise

Moravian Kolaches (Dvojctihodné / Moravské koláče)

kolaches with plum filling

Cheese bread wreath

Cheese stuffed bread wreath

No knead olive bread

No knead olive bread

Pao de Queijo (irresistible Brazilian cheese bread)

mini sandwiches with cheese bread

Five seeds sourdough Irish soda bread

5 seeds soda bread

Nutella twists

Nutella twists by chef in disguise. They are actually much easier to make than what they seem

Sourdough pizza crust

Homemade pizza at its best

Sfogliatelle Ricci, 1000 layers of beautiful Italian pastry

Sfogliatelle Ricci italian pastry


Vegetarian Mediterranean Pizza Pot Pie

Individual vegetarian pot pie

Spinach Feta and herbs pinwheels

Spinach feta pinwheel

Sourdough English muffins

English muffins with butter and jam

Braided date bread

braided date bread

Sourdough donuts

Sourdough donuts: Chef in disguise

You say Samosa I say Samboosek

Samosas made from scratch

Amazing sourdough cinnamon rolls

Sourdough cinnamon rolls

Basic sourdough white bread #sourdough adventure

sourdough bread

Sourdough starter 101- how to create your sourdough starter from scratch

olive and rosemary sourdough

Sundried tomato flatbread and sweet sesame crackers

tomato herb garlic bread

Sweet sesame crackers @chef in disguise

Spinach pastry triangle (Fatayer sabanekh )

Spinach turnovers @chef in disguise


Seeds and olive oil bread “كعك بزيت”

seeds and olive oil bread


Chef in disguise :panettone

Mille-feuille recipe (homemade Napoleon recipe)

Pita bread recipe – how to make pita pockets

Empanada Gallega

Filled pate a choux swans

Homemade crackers

Twisted daring bakers challenge..Braided bread

Ka3ek bel semsem (sesame bread)

Fteer falahi (Cheese and anise flat bread)

Giraffe, tigers and bears!oh my! Daring bakers March 2012

Quick! Gimme a flavor! Daring bakers challenge

Celebrating one year of blogging..Cinnamon sweet bread

Scones..daring bakers challenge


Cheese pastry “fatayer jebneh”

Sourdough bread..letting nature do the work

Cha sui and cha sui bao

Nan bread

Moroccan olive bread knots and a giveaway

Maple apple bread with oats and walnuts


Povitica …Daring Bakers October challenge

Moroccan olive bread knots and a giveaway

Herbed onion bread

Dinner rolls

Banana 911 (part 2)..Nutty banana bread


Olive oil rosemary wheat thins (crackers)

15 minutes dinner rolls

Lebanese meat pies “sfeeha”

Yeasted oregano cheese muffens

Focaccia bread with rosemary, olives and cherry tomatoes

Savory oregano cheese cake