Batat o baid (Potatoes and eggs)

Potatoes and eggs breakfast

Batata بطاطا is Arabic for potatoes. Eggs are baid بيض in Arabic (from abiad ابيضwhich is white ). This recipe is a breakfast staple in many countries around the globe and for good reason.
It is easy, quick , uses kitchen staples, and added to that it is hearty and filling . The main difference in the Levantine version is the seasoning. Here we use salt, ground allspice berries, and sumac which are fun flavor notes on an otherwise somewhat bland canvas.

You can scramble the eggs into the potatoes or leave them whole. My kids prefer them scrambled and that might be because of the funny Arabic name. I actually refrained from using the name in the title because I was worried you’d think a two year old got away with typing at my blog!

Mubaathara which means that which is scattered in Arabic or mufarakeh which means that which is rubbed into something are actually the popular names for this recipe in Palestine. It is because the eggs are scattered throughout the potatoes which kind of makes sense but my kids still think the name is quite funny!

Before getting to the recipe, allow me to thank you all for your kind responses to my post a few days ago. I was actually kind of worried that no one would read it because I was gone for too long! So thank you for sticking around and thank you so much for your kindness.

I decided to write the recipe below for one person, you can double, triple or multiply it by any number depending on the number of people you are making this for. I hope this helps since many of you have asked me previously to scale the recipes down for one or two people

Potatoes and eggs breakfast

Mufaraket batata

1 cup peeled potatoes cut into 1 cm cubes per person
1 egg per person
2 tablespoons of olive oil per person
salt to taste
1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
1/4 teaspoon sumac (optional)

1. Place olive oil in a pot on medium heat
2. Add the potatoes and toss them gently to coat them in the oil
3. Cook over medium low heat stirring every few minutes till the potatoes are cooked through and slightly golden
4. create an opening in the potatoes and add the egg, add the salt, sumac(if using) and all spice
5. Stir gently, cover the pot till the eggs are done to your liking (3-4 minutes)
6. Serve with warm pita bread