Healthy lunch box ideas

Halloumi bagel lunchbox

Before getting to today’s post, I’d like to take a minute to thank all of my friends and wonderful readers who reached out to me via comments, messages, or emails after my last post.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Barry Manilow’s song “I made it through the rain”Ā , If you’re not , you can listen to it by clicking the link.

When I wrote the post, I was feeling really down and lonely but all your kind messages brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart, whether the messages were from those of you who have “made it through the rain” or those who are still “under rain” with me.

It is amazing how a shared human experience like being an expat can connect people from across the globe, regardless of where they are from, what language they speak, or what they look like.

I really hope that by the end of this journey I’ll be able to say

I made it through the rain , I kept my world protected

I made it through the rain, I kept my point of view

I made it through the rain, I got myself respected

by the others who, got rained on too and made it through

I made it through..I made it through

But until then, I just want you to know that I appreciate each and everyone of you and appreciate the time you take from your busy days to share this journey with me

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart

Healthy lunchbox ideas.jpg

Today’s post is dedicated to everyone who feels overwhelmed every morning when faced with an empty lunchbox. It doesn’t matter if you are making it for yourself or your kids. Making healthy (and tasty) choices when you’re half asleep is not an easy task.

So to help you out I have made a video with three suggestions and below you’ll find 7 more lunchbox ideas along with some tips. 8 out of the 9 lunchboxes do not contain sandwiches because I received quite a few requests for sandwich free lunchboxes

I do hope that you’ll find this post useful

Before getting to the lunchbox ideas I have two requests:

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Healthy back to school lunchbox ideas

Chef in disguise lunchbox project.jpg

Lunchbox 1

This is one of my kids’ all time favorites. Halloumi and pesto may sound like an odd pairing but you really have to try this to know why my kids would take this to school every week if I let them šŸ™‚

Halloumi pesto bagel sandwich


Mixed seeds


Cucumber slices



Lunchbox 2

There are days when you love a sandwich and days when you want anything but!

For those days try packing this lunchbox for a refreshing change.

Cherry tomato and basil mozzarella salad


Cream cheese


lunch 3.jpg

Lunchbox 3

A more hearty option for those no sandwich days . This salad is actually a variant of my basil tuna pasta saladĀ which is one of the earliest recipes on this blog. The dressing in the basil tuna salad is a little different so if you are in the mood for more layers of flavor, you can try that dressing too

Black beans and corn tuna pasta salad




back to school.jpg

Lunchbox 4

My kids love sweet and salty combinations, watermelon and Nabulsi cheese are a match made in heaven, if you have not tried it, you must!


Nabulsi cheese

Sliced cucumber

Crackers and dip.jpg

Lunchbox 5

Crackers and cheese is a winner combination but I have another which might actually be even better! Crackers and labneh and if you are extra daring, add a sprinkle of zaatar and prepare to be blown away


Labneh (plain and with zaatar)

Nabulsi cheese and cucumber sticks

Tomato slices

Apple slices

Green almonds (or any vegetable that is in season)

deconstructed falafel.jpg

Lunchbox 6

Deconstructing a sandwich can be a fun way to add variety to your kids’ lunchboxes or your own.

Homemade falafel

Tomato slices

Homemade Pita bread cut into strips

You can add a little tub of hummus on the side too

Green cherries or your favorite fruit and vegetable combo

No sandwich lunchbox ideas.jpg

Lunchbox 7


Cheddar cheese



Apples and prunes

A small bag of cashews


Lunchbox 8

Another wonderful option for no sandwich days is a deconstructed granola parfait. This insures that the fruits and granola don’t go mushy or soggy and it is really fun for the kids Ā (and adults)to assemble

HomemadeĀ Greek yogurt


Your favorite fruits

Homemade granola

Sunflower seeds

No sandwich lunchbox ideas chef in disguise.jpg

Lunchbox 9

You really have to be from the Middle East to appreciate this one. In spring time, green almonds are in season and the best way to enjoy them is with a sprinkle of salt and a few slices of lemon dipped in salt too. I know it sounds like a crazy lunchbox but my kids LOVE it and so do I

Crackers and cheese

Snow peas

Granola bar

Green almonds and lemon slices with salt

Apple and plum slices

I really hope that you enjoyed this video, there are a few more “back to school” posts on their way, with inspiration for:

Protein lunchbox options

Starch lunchbox Ā options

Dairy lunchbox options

Dairy lunchbox options

My lunchbox survival kit

So please stay tuned and if you have any special requests please leave me a comment or shoot me an email