Green almonds (loz akhdar) the taste of spring

Nothing screams spring as carts full of green almonds in farmer’s markets or on street corners. If you grew up in Amman, you probably have fond memories of buying a small paper-brown bag of green almonds with a little pouch of salt to dip your green almonds in on your way home from school.

What are green almonds?

Green almonds (the green orbs you see in the picture) are basically immature fruit of almond trees that contain the developing almond.

What do green almonds taste like?

They are fuzzy, crunchy, grassy, mildly floral and ever so slightly tart. while the inner almond is soft, almost jelly like and provides a refreshing contrast to the outer green shell.

What are the benefits of green almonds?

Green almonds are rich in fiber, antioxidants, calcium and phosphorous. They are renowned for their benefits for hair and skin. There is an old saying here that goes: اول الاثمار يطيل الاعمار
It translates into eating young fruit early in the season lengthens your lifespan.

How to eat green almonds?

Green almonds are usually enjoyed fresh dipped in a little salt to balance the tartness. You can also cut them into quarters or slices and add them to your favorite salad mix.
Traditionally, areas in Palestine that are known for growing almonds also pickle them or cook them in yogurt sauce and serve them with some vermicelli rice.

So do tell me, have you ever tried green almonds?