Peanut butter banana wraps

My daughter loves peanut butter. She is more than welling to eat it as is out of the jar. Whenever I ask her

What do you want for breakfast?

Peanut butter sandwich

What do you want for a snack,

Peanut butter sandwich

What do you want in your lunch box?

Peanut butter sandwich

I try to vary the sandwiches and add to their nutritional value. This is one of the variations.

 Peanut butter banana wraps

Tortilla wraps

Peanut butter



Chocolate flavored cereal (for crunch)


Spread the peanut butter over the tortilla

Mash the bananas,spread them over the peanut butter.(you can slice the bananas instead of masing them)

Drizzle some honey and sprinkle the cereal

Roll your tortilla and enjoy