Passing on the love and 7 things you don’t know about me

I have been long overdue for passing on the wonderful array of awards that Mindy of whiski business gave me. I started writing this post 5 times already and didn’t finish it.Yesterday Caroline of sweet Caroline’s cooking  Gave me the versatile blogger award. She made my day and made me decide to pass on the joy and appreciation to other bloggers

Thank you so much Caroline, I truly appreciate This. Please take the time to visit her wonderful blog, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Now to pass on the love. I’m passing on these awards


to the following wonderful bloggers

  • Caroline of sweet Caroline’s cooking :  I was planning on passing on the awards Mindy gave me to Caroline because I just love her blog. When you visit her page you are greeted by her smiling face and pictures that will make you instantly hungry. If you are looking for something to bake, cook or snack on..Caroline’s is the place to visit
  • Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide a wonderful variety of recipes from all over. I love visiting Rufus’s blog every day to be greeted by a wonderful recipe and insightful tips and comments. The pictures will tempt you to eat your screen

  • Just one cookbook: Nami is a wonderful person.You can tell from her posts and comments how caring she is. She blogs about Japanese recipes mainly but everything on her blog is so appetizing that you would be tempted to eat the screen. Her steamed cup cakes are on the top of a long list of recipes I book marked at her blog.

  • Gourmantine if you have a sweet tooth you should definitely visit Gourmantine. She makes out of this world desserts with amazing flavor combinations. Everything on her blog is mouth-watering good

  • Sunshine & smile: Kankana takes stunning pictures of amazing recipes. I love the stories and thoughts she shares with every recipe almost as much as the recipes


 Now the part I dread the most, 7 things you don’t know about me:

  1. I come from a small family. I only have one brother and no sisters (I do wish I had one though)
  2. I love buying stationery..I don’t know why but I can’t resist the stuff
  3. I really shouldn’t be allowed near a book shop..I have been known to go shopping,pass by a bookshop, spend all my money on books and go home without getting the stuff I went shopping for.
  4. I got my driver’s licence on the first attempt
  5. I like fixing things. Sometimes it is simple things and other times it is BIG things…when I was a teenager I took apart , fixed and put back together my parents VCR..though I have been known to get in over my head like I did here.
  6. I love crafts, cross stitching and making teddy bears and puppets are high on the list.
  7. I do my best work under pressure

That was not easy!but I did it 🙂

Thank you again to Caroline and Mindy and to all the wonderful bloggers who inspire me everyday with their creations