Super food buddha bowl

Everywhere I look on pinterest and on instagram I see buddha bowls. They seem to have taken the food blogging and healthy eating worlds by storm and I have to say that I really love the concept.

Buddha bowls check all the boxes
Easy to prepare
You can prep many of the components ahead of time which makes them great for meal planning
They make adding more vegetables and plant based foods to your diet easier and more enjoyable
Great when you have picky eaters or kids with different food preferences because they can mix and match and assemble their bowls their way

What’s not to like?

Superfood freekeh buddha bowl.jpg


If you’re not like me and you’re not addicted to pinterest and somehow missed the trend, allow me to break it down for you. Buddha bowls are a meal concept in which you assemble your main meal in a bowl.

The main component are

Grains: Think brown rice, quinoa, freekeh, farro or couscous

Protein: Meat, chicken, black beans, chickpeas, edamame, eggs, and again freekeh

Vegetables: These should roughly fill half of your bowl. You can use raw or cooked vegetables

Tasty sauces and toppings: you can add a small amount of these, think  shredded cheese, vinaigrettes , yogurt, salad dressing, nuts  or hummus.

superfood buddha bowl with freekeh, walnuts and spinach.jpg

Today I am sharing one of my family’s favorite buddha bowls, the super bowl.  (If you like the concept and would like me to post more buddha bowls please let me know in the comments)
This buddha bowl has freekeh -lately it is being called the new quinoa – (You can read all about its health benefits here). To sum it up, nutritionally speaking, freekeh is comparable to quinoa but with more fiber and a low glycemic index.
My Buddha bowl also has walnuts for anti-inflammatory omega-3 essential fatty and anti oxidants.

Roasted baby carrots and a green salad for added vitamins, fiber and minerals. Spinach for iron and protein and homemade yogurt as a tasty and tangy topping and source of protein.

freekeh buddah bowl by chef in disguise.jpg


Freekeh buddha bowl

1.Start with a base of Freekeh, you can find the detailed cooking instructions here 

2.Add Roasted baby carrots, I simply sprayed them with olive oil and sprinkled on some sea salt and black pepper and roasted them in the oven for 15 -20 min

3.Arabic/green salad this is one of the easiest and tastiest  salads I know. Simply combine equal amounts of chopped cucumbers and tomatoes, add some chopped mint and dress with lemon juice, and olive oil .  It is that simple but if you would like me to post a recipe with specific quantities of the ingredients, do let me know

4. Top with walnuts (I use raw but you can use toasted)

5. Add a side of baby spinach leaves and some greek yogurt

6. Enjoy

 مؤخرا في عالم التغذيه في موجه جديده اسمها صحون بودا ..هي ببساطه عباره عن وجبه متكاملة العناصر غذائيا و مقدمه بصحن واحد. الفكره هي انه من الاسهل نتأكد انه وجبتنا متوازنه اذا فكرنا فيها في اطار صحن واحد. منه بنسيطر على الكميات اللي عم نتناولها و من جهه تانيا بنتأكد انه ما في عناصر غذائية ناقصه

لتحضير هذا النوع من الوجبات بنبدأ بقاعده من الحبوب. ممكن تكون فريكه او رز بني او كسكس او شعير او كينوا

بعدها بنضيف نوع من البروتين: ممكن يكون لحم او دجاج او سمك او بقول او بيض

بعدها بنضيف الخضار و لازم كميه الخضار تغطي نصف الصحن. ممكن الخضار تكون نيئه او مطبوخه او خليط من الاتنين. فكروا في السلطات و الخضار المشويه او المسلوقه او المطبوخه

الاضافه الاخيره هي بتكون كميه قليله من اشياء غنيه بالسعرات و مع ذلك مغذيه لذلك بنستمتع فيها بس بكميات قليله مثل الجبن او المكسرات او اللبن او صوص السلطه

لطبق اليوم انا استخدمت الفريكه المفلفله مع الخضار كقاعده (طريقتي لتحضيرها موجوده هون) و للخضار استخدمت سلطه عربيه و جزر صغير مشوي و سبانخ و اضافاتي الاخيره كانت جوز و صحن لبن.

وجبه متكامله غذائيه تحضيرها سهل و سريع و الوانها و نكهاتها منعشه و مفيده