How to make a herbal tea blend (Zhorat)

Zhorat, a warm and comforting middle eastern herb and flower blend tea

Zhorat (Z- hoo-rat) is a drink made from a blend of aromatic herbs and rose petals that is popular in the Middle East. It is the perfect way to unwind in the evening with something warm and comforting without caffeine. Zhorat blends are readily available throughout the middle east, you find them in the tea isle in most supermarkets but making your own is a great way to adapt the flavors to your liking. You can add the herbs that you love, remove the ones that you’re not too fond of and play around with the proportions till you find the perfect balance.


This is the recipe for my perfect balance 🙂 Try it and then tweak it to your liking and let me know in the comments if you have ever tried Zhorat before 🙂

Zhorat, middle eastern herb and flower blend tea

I made a little video with all the different herbs and components that go into Zhorat because I know some of you may not be familiar with all the ingredients or you may know them under a different name. I do hope that you’ll enjoy it and find it helpful.



To make the Zhorat blend mix equal amounts of:
Rose petals
Dried Oregano leaves
Dried mint leaves
Fennel seeds
Dried Sage
Lemon balm (optional)

Add 1 tablespoon of the blend to 1 cup of boiling water and allow to steep for 5 minutes
Add your sweetener of choice and enjoy

Zhorat, a warm and comforting middle eastern herb and flower blend teaNotes:

You can store your zhorat blend in an air tight container or glass jar for 3-6 months if you live in a place with moderate temperatures

If you live in a very hot or humid place I would recommend keeping it in the fridge