Creamy spinach soup

When I first got married my husband would only have one type of soup in Ramadan.  Lentil soup made the traditional Arabic way. Don’t get me wrong, I love that lentil soup but not enough to have it every day for 30 days! I would make him some lentil soup and make myself another type of soup. It took a couple of years for him to admit that despite his love for lentil soup, change was good and refreshing. Ever since then I try to add new soups to our Ramadan list every year and this year this creamy spinach soup made the cut.

spinach soup

I am particularly happy with it because for the longest time I would not get within 10 feet of anything that contained spinach. I was never a picky eater but there was one thing I was not willing to eat in any shape or form and that was spinach. My mother tried time and again to get me to try spinach but I never did (and then I blame my husband for not trying new things lol). That all changed when I had kids. I couldn’t tell my kids to try everything at least once if I wasn’t willing to do that myself. I started looking for recipes that could help me like spinach, things that were new and interesting. After a few attempts I found a recipe that worked for me. A recipe that made me love spinach. After that I started using it in soups, pastries and even in desserts!

spinach @chef in disguise

This spinach soup is creamy as the name implies without being overly rich. Served with a drizzle of pomegranate molasses or lemon juice, it is refreshing. The tang perfectly balances the creaminess. Add crunch from a few toasted croutons and you have a new family favorite.

When Lubna asked me to do a guest post on her blog, yummy food featuring one of my favorite Ramadan recipes or a recipe that has special meaning to me, I knew exactly that this soup was going to be the one.

Lubna the talented lady behind yummy food is a science student turned into a management graduate finally ending up in the kitchen, experimenting and experiencing the joys of cooking…..along with enjoying her mommyhood being mom to a cute little toddler…who most of the times keeps her on her toes…..

 Lubna  has asked Muslim bloggers from around the globe to share Ramadan recipes that are family favorites or ones with special meaning along with a little about Ramadan in their homes.Her series is named Joy from fasting to feasting. Head over to Lubna’s space for the recipe and please take the time to check out what the other bloggers have shared and Lubna’s blog.

Chef in disguise:creamy spinach soup