Euro pane’s Lemon squares

Do you love lemon?

I do.

I love everything about it. The bright yellow color, the fragrant zest (I love zesting lemons, the smell on your fingertips is so refreshing and uplifting), the tangi juice that awakens your taste buds.

What better way to capture all the joys lemon has to offer than to bake lemon squares? and not just any lemon squares.With a custard that uses more than a cup of lemon juice, there is no shortage of bright, fresh lemon flavor in these wonderful bars. Neither too tart nor too sweet, they’re baked atop a crisp but tender shortbread crust, making for a snack that’s hard to resist.

Today I am a guest at Mia’s domaine. One of the sweetest bloggers I came to know through her facebook page. She is very creative and has a passion for sharing recipes about REAL food.Mia is someone I consider a friend. She is considerate, talented and caring , she was kind enough to help me out and write a wonderful guest post when I was away on vacation 🙂

You can read the rest of this post here at Mia’s blog 🙂

Before I send you off to Mia’s blog,I would like to thank Greg and Katherine at Rufus’ food and spirits guide for making this LA times recipe, their pictures and description of the recipe made it impossible to resist 🙂