Kapuska..Turkish cabbage beef stew

If you come to my house for a cup of tea you’ll be faced with a series of questions or you’ll have to face..

The box

The line questioning will go something like this…

Would you like some tea?


Black ,white or green?


Milk, mint, sage or lemon


With mint, jasmine or lemon


Pomegranate or plain

This is by no means meant to annoy it is just that I love tea and have a wide assortment of it at home. My guests who like tea usually have a ready answer. Mine for example would be :

Green with mint and no sugar please

Those who are not particularly fond of tea would usually get confused or smile and say you choose, others might just say you know what, forget about the tea all together.

To avoid the confusion and to provide our dear guests with a way out we decided to buy

The box

a teabag box..


It is a nice way to keep your selection of tea assorted and easy to access and helps our guests feel more at home and less like they are being interrogated lol

Are you a tea or coffee person? What is your favorite hot drink?


Kapuska is a Turkish dish that is basically a warm and comforting cabbage stew. It is cooked in a variety of different ways in Turkey, Russia and eastern Europe. It can be cooked with minced meat, it can be hot and spicy or mild (the way I like it). It can be served with bread or rice. In short it is a versatile recipe that puts a new spin on cabbage.

Kapuska recipe adapted from delicious bite

2 table-spoon butter

2 tablespoon olive oil

250 grams beef meat cut into cubes

1/2 head of cabbage (washed and cut into thin strips )

1 red onion chopped

1 red pepper cut into strips

2 tomatoes peeled and chopped

1 teaspoon paprika


A pinch of (cinnamon,cardamom, all spice)

1 cup of the water you used to cook the meat in


Melt 1 tablespoon butter then add 1 tablespoon olive oil. Add the cubed beef and stir occasionally until browned

Add enough water to submerge the meat and allow it to cook on medium heat untill it is done (about 1 hour)

In another pot add the remaining 1 tablespoon butter and oil and saute the onions until translucent.

Add the pepper and stir for a couple of minutes then add the tomatoes and spices and the beef stock and stir for 5 minutes.

Add the meat and the cabbage and allow to cook over medium heat for 20-25 minutes untill the cabbage is cooked through and becomes soft.