Princess cake tutorial part 2.. decorating the cake

Today we will continue the princess cake tutorial that we started here. In this part you will find a step by step description of carving , frosting and decorating the cake.

At first you may find the number of steps overwhelming but if you organise and divide the work it won’t just be easy, you will actually enjoy it.

I baked the cakes, made the frosting and the fondant  the day before I decorated the cake. You can actually prepare the fondant up to a week or 10 days in advance as long as you wrap it really well with cling film and place it in an air tight bag. The buttercream icing and the cream I used for the filling can all be prepared up to a day or two in advance.

So do this step by step and take your time and enjoy it 🙂

Cover the doll you choose with cling film, you need to cover her hair and her legs. My daughter chose a toy that carries her name Jana 🙂

To make this cake, bake two (30 by 20 cm) cakes.You can use whatever cake you like, I used my go to recipe, the one I use whenever I want to stuff and decorate a cake (you’ll find the recipe at the end of this post). It has great taste and good texture which helps in the carving and shaping of the cake.

I used rectangular pans then I cut circles out of them simply because I don’t have small round pans.

After allowing the cakes to cool completely,  divide each cake into two layers that gives you 4 layers in total.

Using a knife cut a small circle in the middle  of each layer (This is the place that the doll’s legs will fit)

then brush the bottom layer with some juice. The juice helps keep the cake moist and adds flavour. You can use simple syrup or the liquid that comes in the can of fruits (if you use fruits to stuff the cake).

Then  cover the bottom layer of each cake with a layer of  icing followed by sprinkling the preserved fruits. Gently place the upper cake layer and press the two layers together slightly

Repeat that with following layers untill you have filled and stacked all the layers.

Using a sharp knife carve your cake, you want to achieve a dom shape. it doesn’t have to be perfect as the frosting and the following layers of fondant will cover up any minor problems

Next comes coating the cake with a layer of  butter cream (recipe follows)

To smooth the frosting submerge a spatula in hot water then pass it around the cake, the heat will smooth things out.

Put the cake back in the fridge for 10 – 15 minutes while you roll the fondant.

Dust your working surface and your rolling-pin with icing sugar.

Roll the fondant untill it is wide and long enough to cover your cake (measure the height and circumference of the cake)

Roll the fondant loosely around your rolling pen and use it to transfer the fondant to the cake (Be careful because the fondant is delicate and it can tear easily)

With a sharp knife or a pizza wheel cut all the excess and smooth the fondant over the cake gently with your hand. (cover any excess fondant you have with cling wrap and save it for later)

Smooth the seam in the back by wetting your fingers with a little water and gently pressing or smoothing the area where the seam is

To make the ruffle at the bottom I used a bottle cap to cut small circles, I then dipped them in a little water and arranged them round the bottom

To color the fondant I used liquid food colouring. If you can find gel use that as it is easier to use and comes in multiple shades. When coloring fondant add a little coloring (I use a wooden skewer I dip in the colour then wipe it in the fondant) knead the fondant untill the colour is homogenous then if you feel you need it deeper add some more color.

To get the purple colour I mixed red and blue.

Roll the pink fondant the same way you rolled the white fondant but this time we need it a little shorter.

Brush the cake with some water so that the two fondant layers would stick to each other then carefully transfer the pink fondant to the cake.

Cut the back part to form the back of the dress and flute the lower edge of the pink fondant as you can see in the pictures.

Roll a small piece of fondant and use it to make the dress top. You need to cove the doll down to her hips. Slowly and careful insert the doll into the cake and smooth the fondant with some water or a tiny bit of butter.

Roll the purple fondant and cut strips out of it. brush the areas you want to stick the purple fondant to with a tiny bit of water and place the purple strips on the cake

Using mini cookie cutters cut decorative shapes..I used flowers. Agin dip them in a tiny bit of water and stick them to the cake.

I then added another layer to the top to cover the hip area and add colour to the top. Then I rolled small balls of pink and purple fondant and use them to decorate the dress

Finally I added a bow in the back and a necklace of white fondant in the front.

And I used the cookie cutters to add a pattern in the dress.

My daughter wanted her to be a fairy princess so she added wings 🙂

I hope this tutorial helps you make a princess cake for your little princess. I had a great time making this with my daughter and I hope you too will enjoy baking memories with or for your princess.

Please if you have any questions leave them in the comments and I will be more than happy to help if I can.

Next you’ll find the recipes for the cake icing and filling.

Filling cream recipe

2/3 cup sour cream

2/3 cup icing sugar

2 small bags of powdered whipping cream

1 cup of milk

Combine the sugar with the sour cream

Whip the cream with the milk untill it becomes somewhat stiff

Mix fold the cream into the sour cream mix slowly.


Cake recipe

1/2 cup (one stick ) of butter

1 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

3 eggs

2 1/2 cups flour

1 tablespoon backing powder

2/3 cup milk

blend the butter and sugar

add the eggs, vanilla and milk and mix untill incorporated

sift the flour with the backing powder and add it gradually to the liquid ingredients

bake in a preheated oven at 350 for around 40 minutes or untill cake tester comes out clean

Buttercream icing

3 cups icing sugar

1 cup butter softened

2 teaspoon vanilla

2 tablespoons milk

In a food processor beat the butter untill it turns white or very light in colour

Add half the amount of the sugar and beat until combined

Add the milk and vanilla

Add the rest of the sugar gradually while beating