Smoked cheese arugula sandwich


Post a day posed an interesting question: what are the top ten list of your favorite things you have not done in a year?

Here is my list

1. Have a full night sleep!

My son is 22 months old and her still wakes up SEVERAL times every night. I havent  had a full night sleep in almost 3 years!

2. Go to the cinema with friends.

3. Watch a movie without being interrupted.

4. Read a book without being interrupted.

5. Do anything without being interrupted!

6. Go for a long walk with a friend.

7.Draw something,  a real drawing with a theme and thought behind it. (Wow I can’t believe it has been a year, I actually had to go check the date on my sketch book) 

8.Go for a picnic with my parents.

9. Walk in the rain.


What are your top ten favorite things you haven’t done in a year? and what are you going to do about it?


This recipe was supposed to be posted the next morning after I made my focaccia with rosemary, tomatoes and olives . I used the left over focaccia to  make breakfast the next morning. The recipe is really simple but I just wanted to share it with you for two reasons.One it was REALLY good, the combination of the tasty focaccia, the smoky cheese and the sharp peppery arugula was heavenly. Two I wanted to give you more options when you are craving a sandwich and want a change from the regular. Hope you like it.

Focaccia bread (recipe here )

Smoked cheese

1 tomato sliced

Arugula leaves

Slice your bread in half, arrange the arugula leaves then the tomatoes followed by the cheese and another layer of arugula.

Serve with some olives