41,000 is not just a number

41,000 is not just a number

It is 41,000 lives
41,000 I love you..
How are you?
Sleep tight
See you tomorrow..
I miss you

41,000 hairstyles
unique laughs
ugly crying
wounds and scars
encouragements and pats on the back
and (I will be there for you for as long as I live)

41,000 spoons
bowls of warm lentil soup
new winter jackers
ironed shirts
and dresses, scarves and hats

41,000 souls
hearts, consciences
eys, tongues, minds and ideas
dreams, hopes, fears,
lives, poems, texts, speeches
homes, rings, promises and words

41,000 (million) details

41,000 things you can’t write in numbers
you can not count
can’t find the words for
forty one thousand human beings
far beyond anything you can express

41,000 is not just a number

Yousef Al Damouky

It has been 10 days since the earthquake hit Syria and Turkey.
The images of the human tragedy there are beyond heartbreaking.
Please, if you can, lend a hand to help in the rescue efforts and in aiding those who have survived this tragedy but lost everything in the process.