Cherry lavender lemonade

With temperatures soaring above 40, refreshing drinks take center stage in my kitchen.In heat waves like the one we are having I try to provide a variety of home made ,refreshing drinks for my kids and family instead of soda or store bought juices.  I have been experimenting lately with lavender . After trying it in a salad dressing and in a marinade for chicken, drinks and sweets were next on the list. So when I saw this lavender syrup recipe on Flavors of the sun I knew I had to try it but I didn’t have blueberries so I replaced them with cherries  and reduced the lavender because I wanted it to compliment the delicate cherry flavor not over power it. Next I used the syrup to make lemonade. It turned out AMAZING! The cherries added flavor, sweetness and a beautiful color. The lavender added a breath of freshness and took the lemonade to the next level.

The cherries left behind from infusing the syrup, I pulsed in the food processor and they became an out of this world cherry lavender sauce that is amazing on pancakes, icecream and waffles.In fact I would not mind eating that stuff by the spoonful!

If you have never been to Victoria’s blog before I strongly recommend you do. She shared wonderful recipes, her posts are very informative full of serving suggestions and new twists on your familiar recipes and new and interesting recipes from all over the globe.

Cherry lavender simple syrup

2 cup water
2 cup sugar
2 cup cherries
4 lavender sprigs (or 1 1/2 teaspoons dried lavender buds)
In a pot add the water, sugar, and cherries.
Bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve sugar.
When it starts to boil reduce heat to a low simmer and add the lavender.
Simmer gently for 10 minutes.
Strain pressing the cherries to get all of their juices. Do not discard the cherries
Store in a glass jar in the refrigerator

Cherry lavender lemonade

1 cup cherry lavender syrup
juice of 4-5 lemons (the amount of lemon juice is up to your taste, you can start with 3 and taste and decide if you want to add more)
3 cups water
Place all the ingredients in a jug and stir till combined


You can use this syrup to make lemonades, limeade , refreshing soda drinks

The type of berries is up to you, use what you have on hand and enjoy the different colors and flavors

I strongly recommend you reserve the cherries used to infuse the syrup, pulse them with a little syrup and you will have a wonderful cherry lavender sauce