A trip through the seasons and a month’s worth of pictures

When I was a kid, there was a movie I loved based on a story from the European literature about a little girl who lived with her mean step mother and step sister (I know what you are thinking. No, not Cinderella). They lived in a country ruled by a spoiled princess who  killed prisoners because kill was easier to spell and shorter than forgive. On new year’s eve the princess decides she misses spring and a basket full of spring flowers to decorate the table at the new year’s party. She announces a basket full of gold is to be rewarded to the person who can get her a basket full of spring flowers The mean step mother sends the little girl into the forest and tells her not to come back till she gets the flowers.The little girl’s pleas , tears and reasoning can’t save her from the snow or the heart of stone her step mom seems to have. The step mum throws her out then closes the door.

The girl walks into the forest,lonely, sad and cold wandering not sure where to go or what to do. As she walks on and on, hour after hour dragging her feet , she finally collapses in the snow calling out to her deceased mother and father.  A distant wolf cry scares her enough to summon all the energy she has left to get back on to her feet. She is drawn by a distant light shimmering in the snow. She gets closer, wondering if she’s dreaming or if she has died already and that glow is her mother and father waiting to welcome her.She takes a few more hesitant steps to find twelve hooded figures gathered around a fire. The call of the dancing warm flames overcomes her fear and she walks in. The twelve figures turn out to be the spirits of the twelve months of the year, the girl tells them of her dilemma and April asks his brother to grant him one hour of spring to make the flowers bloom for the poor girl. They grant him his wish because they have all seen her suffering through the seasons of the year, seen how hardship did not erode her soul or make her bitter. She has always been kind and helpful and they thought she deserved a chance.

December calls back the snow, the wind dies out and the sun comes up melting the snow, the ground is covered with a green carpet of grass and flowers and animals leave their hideouts jumping between branches and running across the ground.The little girl fills her basket with flowers and leaves thanking April and his brothers for their kindness.

Why am I telling you the story? well,the month of March reminded me of it. Remember when I told you I took the kids hunting for snow? The first week of March brought the kids their wish

It snowed for 3 days, they played, built snow men and had a snowball fight

The very next week the temperatures soared to 26 C and it was actually too hot to stand in the sun for too long. We went for a drive hunting for spring this time.

The third week started with beautiful spring weather, not warm but not too cold either.This time around we paid my mum’s aunt (the one who has the cherry trees, I made cherry jam off last year) a visit.


Spring didn’t last long, dusty windy weather followed.We had a couple of days when the dust was almost like a fog,the weather reminded me of Smidgen’s post.Everyone was looking to the sky for rain to clear the air.

The month ended with grey skies, rain (I am actually listening to the rain drops on my window as I write this) and temperatures dropping a couple of degrees shy of zero.

I hope you enjoyed this trip through the seasons, and I hope your March was a little less crazy than mine.

 Before I let you go, tell me dear reader, what is your favorite season and why?

My next post will be about preparing homemade yogurt, here is a preview of what is coming next.Stay tuned