I have been tagged…my seven links

Manu of Manu’s menu Tagged me in this challenge that has been going around my favorite blogs lately.

The seven link challenge

Manu has a wonderful blog where she shares amazing and authentic italian recipes, she is a fellow daring cook and a wonderfully sweet person.Thank you Manu for tagging me and please take the time to visit her blog..it is amazing.

How do you play this game?  The rules are easy:

  • The blogger who is nominated must publish his/her 7 links of his/her own blog for the categories below (Only one link for each category).
  1. The most beautiful post
  2. The most popular post
  3. The most controversial post
  4. The most helpful post
  5. The post that was surprisingly successful
  6. The post that did not get the attention it deserved
  7. The post I am most proud of
  • The blogger then nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part in the challenge and it goes on.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  So here are my 7 links

  • The most popular post: This one is a close call between

Cauliflower fritters “mshat”

lightning Mcqueen car cake step by step

  • The most controversial post I don’t really think I have posted any controversial posts..have I ?but one post that did cause some confusion over the identity of the cooked bird isBrick chicken minus the brick

  • The most helpfull post This one really got me thinking. There is

    Checkerboard cookies step by step This post is one of the posts I am really proud of, because of a comment left by a wonderful Japanese lady named Kazuko saying she made these cookies for her son’s school teacher and the teacher loved them..that comment is one I will never forget (I love each and every comment and they mean a lot to me but that one will always be special) to feel that there are people out there who read your blog, try your recipes and now your recipes are associated with memories for them with their loved ones or people who matter to them..that is an amazing experience. You can find the comment here

15 minutes dinner rolls We all can relate to how helpful 15 minute dinner rolls can be


and there was Lebanese meat pies “sfeeha” This recipe got some amazing responses both on facebook  and here

I really didn’t expect people to welcome a potato pizza, but not only did get some amazing comments but it went on Food buzz’s top 9 posts!


This cake is one of my go to recipes when I have friends or guests and it is a family favorite.The blend of orange and mango is AMAZING and to me, it is the perfect summer dessert. No baking, loaded with refreshing flavors and you can make it ahead of time..told you..the perfect summer dessert

This was my very first post on my blog. I am proud of it because it was the start of this amazing journey


I am tagging 5 wonderful bloggers that I look forward to reading what they come up with

Shumaila from experiments of a house wife

Ginger from Ginger Couturier: Trapped in Suburbia

Aimee from Clever muffin

Fati from fati’s recipes

Natalie from Cook Eat Live Vegetarian

One final thank you to  Mayree’s deep south cakery with a side of life  for awarding me


And to Laura from a healthy jalapeno for awarding me

You ladies are too kind and I am honored by your awards..Please take the time to visit their wonderful blogs.