Banana 911… Banana ice cream

Remember a while back when I told you about our birds great attempted escape?

Well it turns out they had more up their sleeve, or is it wing? or maybe feathers? get the picture.

A few days after their failed grand escape we were out shopping and came home to find that the swing that was attached to the top of the cage was now on the  floor. My husband said that the birds has disconnected it.


 I thought so too untill I caught them a few days later both holding on to the cage top by their feet, hanging upside  down and trying with their beaks to take the swing off!

The following day as my husband was taking them into the house (We place the cage by the side of the window everyday so that they can get some fresh air) the cage top came off the base. The base fell with the birds sitting on their swing in shock for only a split second, then they dashed out flying in two opposite direction. The kids started screaming, I was in the kitchen at the time and came running to find my husband standing their stunned, one bird was on the curtain and the other was on the couch.

To make things worse the birds started flying from one side of the living room to the next, passing inches above the kids heads. My little ones started screaming even higher and running all over the living room.The situation needed immediate action.

I ran to the kitchen and go a small cloth bag and handed it to my husband and told him to try to catch the birds. I took the kids to the hallway and assembled the cage again.

My husband managed to get the first bird at first try but once we put him back into the cage we looked around to find his lady bird but she was nowhere to be found!

A little treasure hunt with the kids who are giggling now and we find the little lady hiding behind our tea box. Two or three attempts later she is safely back in her cage. The floor is covered in bird feeding seeds. The kids are a mix between excitement, fear and laughter and I am sure you can guess the topic of the conversation on every phone call and every meal for the next few days.

Today’s recipe is another episode in my banana 911 series. Can you believe I still have bananas in the freezer?!

I couldn’t believe that you can make a creamy, wonderful ice cream with one ingredient and no ice cream maker until I tried this recipe. I have one warning before I give it to you though, if you like bananas you stand a chance of being addicted to all the possibilities this creamy heavenly guilt free ice cream can provide.

Chocolate chip banana ice cream

Cookie crumble banana ice cream

Peanut butter ice cream

Cinnamon vanilla ice cream

Apple pie banana ice cream

Oh the possibilities!

If you are not drooling already do check out Linda from Savoring every bite post on banana ice cream.

All you have to do is:

Peel the bananas and cut them into pieces

Freeze them until they are solid

 Take them for a whirl in the food processor until they are smooth (scrape the sides)

You can add a tablespoon of peanut butter, honey or simple syrup (during blending) to add sweetness or flavor. (I used a little cinnamon infused simple syrup)

If you want to add chocolate chips, crumbles cookies, banana chips or any other addition fold it in after blending the bananas

After you have blended them until smooth place them in a container fit to place back in the freezer to solidify a little

Allow it to stay in the freezer for an hour to re-solidify and enjoy your magical guilt free ice cream