Watermelon pomegranate dream

When I saw this recipe onChica Andaluza blog I knew I HAD to try it..You see I’ve been having an affair with watermelon that started when I was one.

The story goes that when I was almost one, we had guests coming over, Mum was preparing the table and she set a plate of watermelon and went to finish the rest of the preparations in the kitchen.

One year old me climbed on one the chairs onto the table top and found my way to the watermelons and dived right in!

There is a picture of  me covered head to toe with squished watermelon smiling with joy. I don’t know  how my mum had the self-control to take the picture before airlifting me to the bath tub for an untimely bath!

If it was me I would’ve probably had a melt down with guests arriving any minute.

This drink deserves to be called a dream. Not only is the color so tempting and refreshing but the flavor combination is out of this world.

Watermelon pomegranate dream

500 grams of watermelon

5-10 springs mint

1 small cup of pomegranate syrup

1 teaspoon rosewater

Plain soda

Blend the watermelon with the pomegranate syrup, mint and rosewater..the amounts are a rough estimate..just taste it a tweak it to your liking

The kids raved about their fruity treat but didn’t like the addition of soda. I, on the other hand loved the soda (3/4 juice to 1/4 soda).