Mini eggplant sandwiches

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction

E. F. Schumacker

Racing to pick my daughter from school yesterday, thinking about the things I have  to pick up on my way home, finishing the meal I was cooking, the clinic appointments that need arranging. I found a parent setting calmly in her car sipping a cup of tea and humming to a song, I literally stopped in my tracks.

Lately I have been feeling that I am constantly on the run, I seem to be  ten two  hours short every day. Looking at that lady with her cup made me think that I really need to do something about this.

 But before I do , I need to find out what my problem I aiming to high?trying to do so much on my own? or is it that I need to reset my priorities and maybe put “me” on the list? ..I don’t know..just thinking out loud here..

Natalie of Cook Eat Live Vegetarian has a wonderful habit of sharing (Things that made me smile today)..she takes the time to capture wonderful pictures of simple things that bring her joy. I love reading her posts and they never fail to put a smile on my face and on my heart.

Maybe I should consider something like that. A gratitude journal, or a smile journal. To set time every day or every other day to think, write down, document, savor the simple joys in life..

Are you constantly on the run?What do you do to keep it simple?

For someone with confessed sandwichmania, I  have not posted that many sandwich recipes. In the spirit of correcting that comes today’s recipe. Eggplant topped with layers of flavor, add toasted bread to counter the creamy smooth texture of the eggplant and you are in for a treat.

These mini sandwiches could easily lose their tops and turn into yummy serve when you have company.

The recipe is really simple, and quick

Slices of bread, toasted or grilled

Eggplant, fried or brushed with olive oil and grilled under the broiler

Parmesan cheese

Mozzarella cheese

Dried oregano

Few springs of mint

Thinly sliced tomatoes

Place the slices of eggplant on top of the toasted bread

Sprinkle with cheese and oregano.

Place under the broiler for a couple of minutes to melt the cheese

Add the tomatoes and mint ..enjoy