Scrambled eggs and turkey sandwiches

6 am. I can hear my mobile’s alarm but I don’t mind that, it’s the vibration that gets on my nerves. I open my eyes only to search for my mobile to push the snooze button. 5 more minutes won’t hurt.

Replay that scene a couple of times and I open my eyes again, it is 6.20.. oh God! We’re going to be late. I get out of bed and run to the bathroom calling to the kids to wake up. 

For the next 10 minutes I range between hugs and kisses and tickles to threats of leaving her in bed to miss school today. She finally wakes up at 6.40.

Negotiations over what she wants for breakfast and what she wants packed in her lunch box take another 5 minutes. and its 6.45 when my husband starts to lecture me that I need to get up earlier and be more organized.. I try to argue that out little boy didn’t really allow me to get much sleep and that some help on his part is much appreciated but he doesn’t listen and goes on huffing and buffing.

By 6.55 to 7 we are officially late and I’m literally running around trying to get my daughter ready for school.

7.05 to 7.07  everything falls into place and a beautiful smart little girl is standing by the door with her pony tail, school bag and a frowning dad. I kiss her goodbye and hear another mini lecture about being 7 minutes late. I refrain from making the same argument that it only takes 15- 20 minutes to get to school and she doesn’t need to get out at 7..  Me and my little boy wave them good buy from the window and another chapter of my morning starts..

On the weekends when things are less “crazy” I like to make a decent breakfast. Scrambled eggs, A variety of sandwiches are a family favorite and so are fruits.

I have found that if I slice the fruit the kids are much more likely to eat it, so I serve breakfast with an assortment of whatever fresh fruits I have one hand.

Scrambles eggs

4 eggs

olive oil


Heat the olive oil in a pan then add the eggs

Break the yolk with a wooden spoon and stir slowly over medium heat.

Keep stirring till the eggs are almost set. Take it off the heat and the residual heat will finish cooking the eggs

Turkey Sandwiches

Bread slices (I like multigrain but use whatever you like)



Arugula leaves or lettuce (The crunch factor)

Sliced tomatoes

Smoked turkey slices

Lightly toast your bread

Spread some mayonnaise and mustard.

Layer the lettuce or arugula followed by the turkey then the tomatoes then more crunch