Banana 911 Sunset in a glass

So I promised to share a few pictures from my trip to Sharm el shaik, and I always keep my promises.There will be more to come with later posts 🙂


There were lots of date palm trees all over the place.The dates were still raw at this time of year

Wherever you looked you’d see lanterns and wood work that showed amazing craftsmanship

There were plenty of beautiful flowers

cute bird 🙂
There was a lot of recipe inspiration on the trip
Crystal clear water



Today’s drink is one we call sunset in a glass in my house. The name comes from the fact that I like to keep the skins on the peaches and when you blend them with the bananas and oranges, the whole glass becomes a warm orange color with specks of red. This fruity drink is not only looks nice, it tastes heavenly, it is healthy and super easy to make.

You can freeze the bananas or used frozen ones if you want it to be a of a thicker consistency

2 bananas

2 peaches

1 cup orange juice

In the blender or food processor blend all the ingredients together

Serve and enjoy