Blog awards

You should see the smile on my face. It feels so good to receive recognition and appreciation from my fellow bloggers. I am new to the whole blogging community but during this short time I have met wonderful people who are passionate about life, kind and really supportive.

Dee from Deelicious sweets awarded me my second blog award, and as if that was not wonderful and amazing on its own. Eva from herenownotforever  awarded me the versatile blogger award. You ladies made my day! in fact I think I will not stop smiling for a month!

Dee is an amazing chef!..everything that comes from her kitchen is mouth-watering deelicious 🙂 I have half a dozen of her recipes bookmarked and I cant wait to make them!

Eva is a sweet and cheerful person, I really enjoy reading her posts and her comments. They always manage to put a smile on my face and I think she really has a talent for writing.

Please check out those wonderful ladies blogs and I promise you, you wont be disappointed.

The award comes with two conditions,share 7 things you didn’t know about yours truly and pass on the award to other wonderful bloggers. So here goes

1. In my spare time I love to draw, especially in black and white.

2. My plan B that is always there when I have a crappy day at work is to quit dentistry and open a restaurant..I think I might just do it one day. 

3.I sing in my car..usually to Josh Groban

4. When I was 5 I fill and broke 2 of my upper teeth and for the next two years…Sawsan became thawthan!

5.I still have dreams or more like nightmares about having exams I’m not prepared for!

6.I get along with kids much better than adults! in any gathering you are more likely to find me playing with the kids than having conversations with the grown ups

7.I never learned to ride a bike..I knees will testify to that with numerous skid marks but I never manage to ride a 2 wheeler on my own

Now to the fun part..passing on the awards..

Eating with my mouth open 

The very hungry book worm

Ginger Couturier: Trapped in Suburbia

and to sweet Dee from Deelicious sweets I passion the versatile blogger
 award and to Eva from herenownotforever I pass on the blog award from Dee.
Hope this puts a smile on your faces everyone as it did to me