Spanish tomato soup chef in disguise

We all start blogging for different reasons. Documenting a journey, venting emotions, dealing with stress or tragedy, finding some creative outlet, using up spare time, the list goes on and on. What no one tells you when you start blogging,though, is that at the end of the day, the part that you will cherish the most is the connections you will make. The people you will cross roads with.

I know many will argue that the virtual world is no place to “meet” or “get to know” anyone but if you have tried blogging for a while you will know that there is a precious connection that you can share with your readers, fellow bloggers and people you meet on this journey. A connection you can only feel with people who share your passion, who understand the spark of madness that is in every creative soul.

Southwestern salad with creamy parsley dressing

I love making my own salad dressings, there is so much room for creativity and if you are a little adventurous you will be rewarded with amazing flavor combinations. The best part about making salad dressings  as opposed to buying them is that you know exactly what goes into your dressing, no preservatives, no additives and no chemicals you can’t pronounce let alone eat!

How to make the perfect tabbouleh by Chef in disguise

Tabbouleh despite its world fame is one of the Arabic and Middle Eastern recipes that seem to have been lost in the translation. Sure, you can find it on the menu of many restaurants and delis around the globe but what you call tabbouleh may not qualify as tabbouleh here in the Middle East.Here the tabbouleh police have very strict rules when it comes to what goes into tabbouleh and at what proportions. .

Today I am sharing my way of making tabbouleh, one that gets the Middle Eastern tabbouleh police seal of approval 🙂 Let’s break it down according to ingredients


If you are passionate about food and have a sense of adventure, I am sure you have a “recipes I want to try” list. If you are passionate about food, have a sense of humor and you are a food blogger then that list must be a mile long, at least, and it keeps growing with every new blog you follow and every cook book you add to your collection.

If you were to read my list , you’d find that Gnocchi has been there for quite sometime. I wanted to give it a go so many times but somehow I never got around to it. That is why I was super excited when this month’s daring cooks challenge was announced. The challenge was to make potato gnocchi from scratch!

Gnocchi if you have never tried it before are Italian dumplings made of potatoes, flour and occasionally eggs. You can think of them as potatoes meet pasta to yield light and fluffy pillows that are simply irresistable .