sourdough muffins with beautiful high domes

My relationship with sweet muffins can mostly be filed under the heading “disasters”. For years, I have  been looking for a muffin recipe that produced those beautiful domed muffins you usually buy at the bakery.  The results are usually either flat cup-cake like things or mini volcanos that spell oven the pan and the oven and result in hours of scrubbing and occasional cursing.

That chapter in my baking adventure finally came to an end this month with the sourdough surprises challenge.

How to poach eggs perfectly

The perfect poached egg. Tender whites around a warm liquid yolk that oozes out like liquid gold when you cut into it. Place it on top of a salad and it turns into a meal. Place it on top of your favorite vegetables and you have brunch. Layer an English muffin with smoked cheese, roast beef and a poached egg and you have a fancy breakfast to rival that served in hotels and restaurants.

If you have never poached an egg before and you are intimidated by it, don’t be. It is much easier than you think. There are just a couple of “secrets” to learn and you will get perfect  poached eggs every single time.

How to make the perfect cup of coffee with a french press

My relationship with coffee is complicated and hard to explain!

I love the smell of coffee, love iced coffee and frappuccino but won’t go near hot coffee! Why am I writing  a post about coffee then? Well that is meant to say that even if you are not a coffee person, there are so many other ways to enjoy coffee, especially good quality coffee.

Before we can get to the different ways to enjoy coffee, I thought it would be best to start with the way to make the perfect cup of coffee. Once you have made your coffee to perfection there is a world of options on how to enjoy it. One of my favorites is coming in an upcoming post

iced coffee