Free June 2013 wallpaper calendar

june 2013 calendar 2Sorry for the delay, here are two wallpaper calendars for the month of June. One is the sunset at the deadsea and the other is chocolate, banana and hazelnut granola. A recipe coming your way soon

If you like any of these, click the picture to get it in full size, right click and save then use as your wall paper


june 2013 calendar

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  1. Both the pictures are lovely … thank you for sharing them in a very useful form.

  2. Lovely images Sawsan!

  3. How beautiful! Thank you :)

  4. The light on the sea is lovely, Sawsan.

  5. How beautiful that sunset is Sawsan. Thank you for sharing. :)

  6. I’m loving the water pic, just beautiful. We’ve gotten into a cold front since Sunday and the temperatures can go as low as 5°C, brrrrr!

  7. That Dead Sea calendar is so pretty!

  8. the pictures are so pretty

  9. Wonderful images, Sawsan! Thank you for sharing :-)

  10. This Dead Sea June picture is now on my desktop, this puts a smile on my face, thank you :D


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