Week three,through my lens

Like champions of old,
Their garments at their feet,
Defiant of the cold,
The wrestling winds they meet:
Anon, if victors found,
With vernal trophies crowned

The last two pictures were taken with my mobile camera so excuse the lower quality of the images. i didn’t have my camera and didn’t want to miss the moment.You can view all the pictures in a higher resolution on my flickr photostream

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  1. The pictures are so beautiful as are the words in your poem!

  2. the first pic is LOVELY…the stance, the vibrant colours, the lighting, perfect!

  3. I vote for the first as well.The quality of light, the soft focus, the pose they’ve stricken, everything about this photo supports their tender little birdy-ness. When I was a girl I had a parakeet who would sit on the edge of my cereal bowl and share in the milk. (Totally endearing to me, though I can imagine some people being grossed out by such a thing.) She would also walk through the house on my shoulder saying, “give me a kiss, (smack) (smack) (smack)” (the smacks being kissing sounds.) Pretty sweet little bird.

  4. That first picture of your birdies is so beautiful! They are all beautiful – but the first one is my favorite. Just gorgeous colors and composition. :)

  5. Gorgeous pictures! The birds are so beautiful!

  6. Great set of pictures, Sawsan. I’m an animal lover so the pics of your budgies caught my eye but the photo of the minaret is strikingly beautiful.

  7. hey hi,
    The pics looks great.

  8. Is this your own poem as well? It’s truly lovely. I also admire your sweet little budgies, we used to have a little budgie too :)

  9. Your photography just keeps getting better and better… I especially love the first picture. Too cute!

  10. wonderful photos!!!…the birds are very pretty

  11. That first shot of the budgies is brilliant. absolutely, did you do a deal with them so they posed for you like that, are they eating cookie crumbs as we speak? Perfectly captured. Very lovely work! c

    • hehehehe no deals Cecilia, our birds are very spirited and have a mind of there own. I have 60 something pictures that didn’t work.
      Thank you kindly for your sweet comment

  12. The last two are fine. The first two, well those are for the birds! (Couldn’t resist.)


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